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Mentoring Takes Flight

Grand Prize: One (1) roundtrip flight for two (2) guests to any regularly scheduled WestJet destination

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Support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg!

You could win  one (1) roundtrip flight for two (2) guests to any regularly scheduled WestJet destination! AND support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg's youth mentoring programs! Every year Big Brothers Big Sisters serves over 650 Winnipeg children and youth. These programs help our Littles to feel more confident, have increased self-esteem and grow into community-focused individuals.

With your support, you can help make a match like Jeromy's:

"I was raised by a single Mom. It goes without saying that she did all she could for me, often times working multiple jobs to make sure I had a happy life.

When I was 8, we moved in with one of her best friends and her son, who was a teenager that enjoyed mischief. With my Mom having to work so much, I used this kid as my role model. Before my 9th birthday, I was shop-lifting, fighting, up for expulsion and starting to dabble in drugs and alcohol. I knew it wasn't right, but I wasn't running away from that path. As I became more rebellious and mischievous, my Mom noticed that I was heading down a destructive path and put me on a waitlist for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

After joining the Big Buddy Program for kids on the waitlist, I met my Big Brother Ross. He took a chance on me and forever changed my life.

Experiencing unconditional support, friendship and mentoring from my Big Brother, a man I came to see as a role model and mentor, altered the way I saw myself, and in turn, changed the decisions I was making about my life.

It is safe to say Ross' friendship helped me to turn my life around. I stopped doing drugs and committing illegal acts. I started hanging out with different friends. I started to realize I would rather be like someone successful, respected and happy, than be like someone who demonstrated the opposite.

The positive influence Ross embodied led me to reconnect with my father and meet my grandparents. I managed to avoid jail and instead finished University and became an Accountant. I am proud of who I have become and know I owe a lot of it today to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg.

The bond and friendship created between Ross and I lives to this day; 19 years later and we're still best buddies" - Jeromy, Former Little Brother

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