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Pedro Reis - Custom Canvas Art



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The Cause: 

During the month of February proceeds from the B.History Campaign will be matched by IG Private Wealth Management Fust & Associates and support community scholarships in partnership with CanU and Black History Manitoba. We hope these scholarships do more than just help pay for school, but inspire youth to believe in themselves and achieve their goals. After all, these are tomorrow's leaders.


The 2021 B. History Collection focuses on the idea of “Becoming” inspired by the title of Former American First Lady Michelle Obama’s book of the same title. Winnipeg local, Pedro Reis, took this concept and infused his artistic personality with it. This art piece reflects the limited edition b.history t-shirt which features Fela Kuti , Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou and Elijah McCoy, four historical figures who have played a critical part in our history. The collaboration hopes to inspire us all to leave our mark on this world. 

The Artist, Pedro Reis:    

Pedro Reis is a multi-disciplinary artist that created Hunter Rei Studio in honour of his father when he passed away suddenly. He realized how short life truly is and knew that he had to start a movement to keep our friend's and family alive.

With his motto's "Too Rare To Die" and "Spread Love", his vision was to help commemorate our loved ones and inspire everyone to follow our dreams and do what we love, everyday!

His murals, artwork and custom apparel has made it around the world in Lisbon, Miami, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. 

The Art:   

With this art piece, Pedro wanted to tell the "Become" story and incorporate pieces of the Zueike vision like Equality and Inspiration. He used the dark black background to contrast the subtle gold marble effect, giving it a crisp classic look. To give it a little extra edge,  he enhanced the BECOME with a pop of colour and added 3D pieces for dimension. This unique artwork is approximately 30" x 40" with an 8" circular piece on the top.