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A Record Setting Weekend!

Thanks for supporting Dauphin Countryfest's 50/50 draw helping to support amateur sports!

We saw record sales across the weekend as for the first time ever, Dauphin Countryfest's daily 50/50 draws were open to EVERY Manitoban. 

Thanks for everyone who contributed to the success of the 50/50 draws.

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Past Draws

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June 29th pot reached $12,875.00 and the winning ticket holder (#1005546 ) took home half of that!

CLAIMED - June 30th pot reached $ 33,530.00 and the winning ticket holder (#2011149) took home half! 

Congratulations to the winners!

July 1st pot reached $ 48, 225.00 and the winning ticket holder (#3005441) gets half. 

July 2nd pot reached a whopping $51,645 with the winner (#4021542) takes home half.