Harvest Manitoba

50/50 January 2021

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You win. Harvest wins.
And together, we nourish our communities.

Buy your tickets today for your chance to WIN BIG and feed our hungry neighbours. Share this raffle with others so they can help too.   

Unlike other places, we’re not seeing chaos in the streets of Manitoba, but there is plenty of chaos at home. 80,000 Manitobans a month rely on Harvest for food assistance, 46% of them children. Thousands of Manitobans are out of work. Families are being evicted from their homes. Kids are going to school hungry. Parents are making impossible choices between necessities like food and rent, all the while maintaining a brave face and an air of confidence for their little ones. With increased financial pressures, many adults and seniors are struggling with anxiety and depression too.

Be a Harvest Star!  Buy your 5050 Funds for Food raffle tickets.  You could WIN BIG and your funds will fill Harvest Hampers and help ensure no Manitoban goes hungry. It’s a win-win for everyone.  Thank you!