Hockey Manitoba

2017-2018 Progressive Pot Raffle



Winner gets 40%

Winners have been published!

Winner of the Final Draw

Randall Boone Koniski - 40% of the $5,437.50 jackpot.

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Support Teams. Win Cash.

Helping your local hockey team has never been easier! When you buy a ticket for Hockey Manitoba’s province-wide “Progressive Jackpot” raffle anytime from November to February 28th, your local team earns 40% of sales and you earn a chance at cash! Sales are split into monthly mini-pots and an ever-increasing Jackpot drawn in March. Any team can participate (see below for details).

Why does the winner earn 40% of the pot instead of 50%? Learn more below.

Don’t see your team’s name in the comment box above? Search for your team or sign them up to earn cash back here.

The 60/40 raffle (vs. a regular 50/50) is a unique raffle format designed to benefit teams. By increasing the amount of funds that teams receive, there is added incentive for teams to sell -- resulting in a bigger pot! Purchasers also benefit from guaranteed and seeded pots because there is always guaranteed winnings. For a complete breakdown and to learn more visit Hockey Manitoba’s site here.​