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Winner of the Final Draw

Sharla Bouchard - 50% of the $4,075.00 jackpot.

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Welcome to the John Howard Society  #CrossingTheLine 50/50 Progressive. Double Your Chances, While Supporting Brandon's Transitional Housing Facility.

Transitional housing is more than just a place to stay - it's a transformative stepping stone towards a brighter future. With the support and stability offered by our 24-unit facility, residents will be able to focus on their personal growth, career development, and career integration. They have the opportunity to reestablish their lives, build new relationships, and embrace a fresh start. With the support of the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada, the John Howard Society of Brandon Inc is looking to raise the last $1 million to build this life-changing facility.

Purchase your tickets for a chance to WIN the draw of the month AND the jackpot draw on November 16th at the Crossing the Line Comedy Fundraiser Event.  

Good luck and thank you for your support!

More information: 

  • 1st Draw (September 1st 2023, 09:00)

    • 50% of the pot

  • 2nd Draw (October 1st 2023, 09:00)

    • 50% of the pot

  • 3rd Draw (November 1st 2023, 09:00)

    • 50% of the pot

  • Final Draw (November 16th 2023, 21:30)

    • 50% of the jackpot 

Sales End: November 16th 2023, 21:15