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K.I.D.S. Initiative works to promote development, enrichment, and sustainable solutions to our partners in Kenya through educational programs and local fundraising in Canada.  Our vision is to see that our partners in developing countries have access to the necessities of life in order to suffer less and live more.

K.I.D.S. Initiative has worked tirelessly this past year to secure enough funding to cover the cost of our Agriculture and Food Security Project in the Lemolo IDP Camp. We’re happy to announce that we have officially completed all three phases of this project and have secured an income generating business for every family in this Camp. That’s over 7,000 people!

Moving forward, we plan to implement our largest project to date. We will be securing a water borehole for the Lemolo IDP Camp which will then secure a constant source of water to all families and farmers. This project, once completed, will render this program sustainable and KIDS Initiative will be able to retire the Lemolo IDP Camp as they will have reached sustainable status!  The proceeds generated from 50% of this raffle will go towards this project and you will all have been a piece in changing the lives of our partners at Lemolo. all while enjoying 50% of the proceeds as well!

Can we say #WinWin?!