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What is KidSport? 


KidSport Manitoba is a children’s charity designed to assist children of families facing significant financial obstacles so they may participate in physical activity programs. The KidSport goal is to provide these children with the opportunity to achieve physical, social, intellectual and moral development through participation in structured physical activities.


KidSport Manitoba believes in an ounce of prevention. If all children are given the opportunity to play the opportunity to learn self-respect, confidence and realize dreams through physical activity… then those children may have a better chance of becoming contributing members and leaders in our communities.


All kids should be given the opportunity to develop healthy lifestyles, no matter the financial, physical or language barriers that may exist! Staying physically active helps encourage children to maintain healthy habits throughout their whole lives. The challenges that come with playing sports also teach children valuable life lessons and skills including leadership, practice, hard work, dedication and self-confidence.


KidSport Manitoba kids have their choice of sports – KidSport offsets registration fees to over 70 sports recognized by Sport Manitoba. Since its inception in Manitoba in 1993, KidSport Manitoba has granted over $4 million dollars to help over 26,000 kids play a season of sport. The list of accomplishments from our 26,000 KidSport kids is long. Some have gone on to represent our country on the international stage like athletes Desiree Scott. Others have become strong community leaders. We are incredibly proud of all of their accomplishments and the supporting role that KidSport has played in their lives.

KidSport Canada is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association (RCAAA), and is a qualified donee with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Organizations with RCAAA status are listed on the CRA website under Other Qualified Donees/Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Associations. If you wish to confirm our charity status, please call 1-800-267-2384