Evening grosbeak, carved by Tom Park

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 Prairie Canada Carvers Association Inc. is a not-for profit organization which promotes the art of wood carving in the province of Manitoba, primarily through the annual carving show and competition, showcasing  the talents of our carving community. It usually attracts approximately 300+ carving entries - wildfowl, ducks, decoys, fish, traditional carving, caricatures, bark, animals, in wood, stone and bone. 

We also support local carving clubs, recruit and mentor new carvers to the art form, organize workshops & seminars throughout the year and at the show.

This year, in addition to the 50/50 raffle, we are fortunate to have a wonderful carving prize of a life-size evening grosbeak carved by our own Tom Park. This piece will be featured in Wildfowl Carving magazine, part 1 (carving) in the summer2022 & part 2 (painting & habitat) in the Fall2022 issue.