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McCain Free Fry Day & 50/50 in support of RMHC

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McCain Free Fry Day & 50/50 In support of RMHC

Sick or injured children should never face their medical journey alone.  Annually, through day and overnight programming at Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Manitoba, over 2,000 families, and over 5000 nights of comfort and accommodation are provided, saving families over $1.3M in costly out of pocket expenses.  However, in 2019 alone, due to operating at 100% or over capacity, RMHC Manitoba was unable to support 205 families, with an additional significant number of unreported unserved families.

The safe havens of integral service, and compassionate care provided by RMHC Manitoba’s two core programs (Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room), are essential to keeping families together during times of childhood illness or injury.  Families from over 300 Manitoba and North West Ontario communities find a ‘home-away-from-home’ each year.

Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, RMHC Manitoba operations were impacted however, proudly continued to serve and support families with integral services and compassionate care.  Through 2020, 3,827 total nights of comfort and accommodation were provided to families.  Across both the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room programs, 649 families found a safe place of respite.  The average stay for families increased at the House from 15-16 nights and from 3-5 at the Family Room.  Through the pandemic, RMHC Manitoba saw an increase in patient acuity.  Families supported during the COVID 19 crisis faced the most severe and urgent challenges of having seriously sick or critically injured children.

RMHC Manitoba supports families with essential services through two core programs, the RMHC Manitoba House (2 blocks from HSC Children’s Hospital) and the RMHC Manitoba Family Room (located inside HSC Children’s Hospital).  The 11,000 square foot Ronald McDonald House offers all the comforts of home including:  Fully equipped kitchen, living room, games rooms, indoor and outdoor play areas, laundry facilities, shower rooms, Home for Dinner Programs (when Health and safety measures allow), Home cooked dinners and continental breakfasts prepared by RMHC MB.  Parking is available for families who travelled in with their own vehicle or, a House van is available for families who arrived without their own vehicle.  The Ronald McDonald House Family Room extends the Mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities Manitoba in it’s 3,500 square foot space within the walls of HSC Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg.  The Family Room is open to all families with pediatric patients every day of the week from 9am – 9pm.  The area is a warm, comforting space of rest and respite.  The Family Room offers bathroom with shower facilities, laundry facilities, a full kitchen for cooking and dining, living room, play area, craft area, three sleeping rooms and a napping lounge.

Supporting families, keeping families together and close to the medical care their child needs through times of crisis is a priority for RMHC Manitoba.  Proudly serving all pediatric medical disciplines, including high-risk pregnancies and premature babies, thousands of families annually find comfort with RMHC Manitoba. In 2019, families from 304 communities found a safe haven of support with RMHC Manitoba.  Please see the attached 2019 Communities Served document for reference.