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Win: $1000 Cash

Sales ended a year ago.

$1000 CASH or a thrilling free flight could be yours!  

Due to the pandemic, the Russell Flying Club was unable to host its annual St Patrick's Day fundraising cabaret and elimination draw.  Despite the pandemic, expenses for maintaining and running the Russell Regional Airport continue!! In place of this traditional fundraising event, we held this online raffle.  The draw date was Sept 6, 2021!!  Thanks you for your support if you bought a ticket:)  

(Unfortunately the credit card company that processes your purchases heightened security for online purchases.  This security function failed to effectively screen out only fraudulent users.  It screened out almost everyone.  We understand this caused many of you to experience inexplicable credit card transaction declines.  We regret if you were unable to purchase tickets due to this problem.  Our apologies for the inconvenience)

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Sales Ended

Russell Flying Club RaffleMonday, September 6th 2021 at 4:30 PM