St.Amant Foundation

2022 Autism Ride Raffle

Win: Fort Garry Brewing Beer Fridge & Beer

Sales ended 21 days ago.

Draw to win a 2022 Harley Davidson Softail Standard or Fort Garry Beer Fridge & beer takes place on June 4!

Only 3,000 tickets available - don't wait!

Your support will help furnish a new Early Learning Program classroom for pre-school children with autism. This includes educational materials, toys, games, sensory-friendly equipment and more. 

Prize #1 - Fort Garry Beer Fridge & beer 

Prize # 2 - 2022 Harley Davidson Softail Standard


Special thanks to our generous supporters:

Motorcycle provided by Harley-Davidson Winnipeg with support from Jason Sargent and family

Beer Fridge and Beer prize provided by Fort Garry Brewing 

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