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50/50 Raffle in support of St. Mary's Academy 

The online 50/50 Lottery is a Parents' Guild fundraising initiative where proceeds support and enhance students’ learning experiences by investing in educational tools and programing that assist the school. Most recently, funds raised by the Parents' Guild set in motion the Tartan Technology & Innovation Centre – an immersive student-directed learning space offering digital design, photography tools, a virtual reality station, 3D printing stations, gaming and E-sports, digital art, Cricut machines, and programmable robotics. In previous years, Parents' Guild fundraising dollars have also gone to purchase cutting-edge sewing machines, volleyball standards, an electronic balance for the Science Department and Apple TVs for our classrooms.

Through this fundraising event, our Parents Guild has been able to give our young women the elevated ability to explore and demonstrate their learning with enhanced tools during their time at the Academy. With your support, we can continue to enrich our students’ learning experiences at St. Mary’s Academy.